DC-1 Air Head Unit

DC-1 AiR welding helmet, maximum coverage, great lightweight

Its lightness makes the DC-1 Air head unit the perfect tool for amateur and professional welders who have to wear the helmet for many hours. In combination with the headgear with MDD (Mass Distribution Device), the DC-1 mask is one of the most comfortable to wear that you can find on the market.

Its compact design, but with great coverage of the face, neck and ears, offers maximum protection against projections as well as the harmful rays of welding. It is available in different colors to suit the personality of each user.

The integrated air duct with QuickLOCK connector allows the CleanAir Basic, CleanAIR AerGO and CleanAir Pressure respiratory protection equipment to be attached, ensuring effective protection of the respiratory system.

CleanAIR units provide the efficient protection in the environments with hazardous particles in form of solid and liquid aerosols (such as dust, smoke, fumes and fibers) and also against gas and vapours. They are equipped with the function of electronic constant airflow control with different airspeed, with an advanced system for warning the wearer in case of a low airflow and with a Li-Ion battery.

CleanAir Pressure is the solution for workstations with the possibility of connection to a central compressed air distribution system or a compressor. This respiratory protective equipment can regulate the amount of supplied air and keep it at a constant level regardless of inlet pressure changes.


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Features & benefits DC-1 Air head unit:

  • Compatible with CleanAIR Basic, CleanAIR AerGO powered air purrifying respirators and CleanAIR Pressure regulators for compressed air system
  • With airduct with QuickLOCK connector and face seal made out flame retardant cotton resistant to welding sparks
  • Headgear with MDD (Mass Distribution Device)
  • For electronic and passive filters of 90 x 110 mm.
  • Maximum protection of the face, neck and ears against light radiation and projections
  • Easy replacement of the outer filter cover from the front without having to remove the optical  filter.
  • Outer frame to hold the filter cover to prevent the intrusion of projections and fumes into the space between the filter cover and the optical filter
  • Concave front for a vision without annoying reflections and better evacuation of welding fumes
  • EN175 class S certification for mechanical resistance

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