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FS01 face mask

The FS01 face mask from Shigematsu is beautifully designed and also provides incredible wearing comfort for this type of product. Thanks to the off-centre connectors it supports a wide view which is further enhanced by its polycarbonate visor with 3D panoramic curve. The visor has an anti-fog inner coating and an anti-scratch outer coating for clear vision at all times and for a long time even when used in adverse conditions. The FS01 full face mask is designed to be worn with a safety helmet.  It is equipped with a 6-point attachment clip for quick and easy removal.

For use with 2 filters from the CA series. (Not included)

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Technical characteristics of the FS01 face mask:

  • Off-centre connectors for a wide view (CP-P3R only)
  • Fast-acting bayonet-type filter connectors (CP-P3R only)
  • Polycarbonate visor with panoramic 3D curve (EN166 1B)
  • Anti-fog treated interior for clear vision at all times
  • Anti-scratch treated exterior for long service life
  • Designed to be compatible with a safety helmet
  • Easy to remove inner nose and mouth mask
  • Easy adjustment with 6-point adjustable elasticated wrist strap

Dacar, a Navarran company, we are committed to safety and labor protection. Our products offer the appropriate solutions to meet the real needs of the market.

At Dacar, we believe in teamwork and that is why we are official distributors of CleanAIRSHIGEMATSU and INFIELD products. The first two are specialized in respiratory protection, with particular attention to ventilated or air-supplied equipment, while the latter, belonging to the ESSILOR group, is a benchmark in the manufacture of protective glasses with or without prescription lenses, as well as custom hearing protection. In all cases, the three brands are indisputable references in their respective sectors due to the high quality of the products they manufacture.

As manufacturers we develop and offer a complete range of products that ensure maximum protection for workers and their environment.

All Dacar products, as well as the products that we officially distribute, can be purchased online or through our extensive network of distributors.

All Dacar products have the EU declaration of conformity. This declaration is a document in which the manufacturer indicates that the product complies with all the essential requirements of the EU regulation 2016/425 relative to personal protective equipment.

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