Transclear strip Clear T. 1 x W. 570 x H. 1600 mm.

Transclear transparent strips T. 1 x W. 570 x H. 1600 mm

  • Transclear transparent strips are not valid for welding as they do not filter the radiation emitted by the arc, although they retain the other properties and qualities of Transarc strips such as its flexibility and transparency even when exposed to solar radiation
  • The stips are distinguished by their functionality, they can be hung on fixed or mobile supports with rings or hooks
  • Its overlapping configuration allows the passage of personnel or bulky material at any place while closing back automaticaly after the passage
  • The greater thickness, when compared to tradicional 0,4 mm welding curtains, allows the strips to last longer withstanding better sparks and projections
  • 2 linear meters per each 4 units
  • Supplied with 4 reinforced eyelets on the top
  • Price per strip, metal rings not included

25,58 25,58

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The Transclear transparent strips are made out of clear flexible PVC material.

Its use is recommended in areas of mechanical protection for:

  • Grinding work
  • Separation of work areas
  • Noise protection
  • Reduction of drafts
  • Protection against splashes of industrial liquids

The useful life of a strip is marked by its good condition. Its immediate replacement is recommended if there is any damage caused by its use such as: appearance of holes due to excessive projections or breaks due to mechanical actions.


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