DC-2 Air Head Unit

Welding or grinding with just a click!

The DC-2 welding helmet is designed for use in adverse conditions with high welding amperage, high temperatures or risk of impacts in grinding work. The outer frame compresses the filter cover with the mask, giving greater sealing against the entry of fumes and projections. This ensures a clear view and prevents the electronic filter from being damaged. The larger volume of space between the filter cover and the filter also provides better thermal insulation to both the electronic filter and the welder’s face.

The air duct integrated in the welding helmet allows the coupling of the CleanAir Basic and CleanAir Pressure motorized air equipment for greater respiratory protection.

Designed for professional welders due to the quality of its components together with its ergonomic design and lightness. The DC2 DACAiR mounted with Dacar Comercial ADFs is recommended for use in all welding processes (MIG, MAG, TIG, electrode, grinding and cutting, pulsed arc, plasma, microplasma and gas welding), which makes it a very versatile and functional tool for the welder.


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Features & benefits DC-2 Air Head Unit:

  • Available with CleanAir Basic and CleanAir Pressure
  • External pushbutton to change from welding to grinding mode without having to lift or remove the helmet.
  • The mode can be changed with gloves on.
  • Elimination of fatigue and increased productivity.
  • The DC-2 DACAiR helmet guarantees exceptional comfort, throughout the working day.
  • Lightness and comfort due to its minimum weight (710 g, Electronic filter, face seal and air duct included).
  • With curved front lens to eliminate annoying reflections and better dissipation of fumes
  • Excellent face protection thanks to its wraparound design that covers the neck and ears.
  • Certified CE EN 12941, class TH2, EN 175 class B

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