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Our products

Welding helmet

Designed to offer maximum user comfort, Dacar welding helmets are available with a wide variety of auto darkenning filters or with passive filters for all types of welding applications. The composite materials used in the injection process of our welding helmets are a guarantee for a long lasting product with maximum protection for profesional welders.

Powered Air Purifying Respirators DACAiR

DACAiR provides the highest level of respiratory protection with an integrated air distribution system that directs clean air directly to the breathing zone of the head unit. The user receives filtered air of excellent quality, preventing, in turn, the entry of toxic fumes, thanks to the positive pressure generated by the DACAiR PAPR, which, as well as protecting the user,provides a constant sensation of freshness inside the head unit.

Face protection

The DC-GUARD face shield is ideal for the protection of operators against particle impacts and liquid projections, as well as chemical products and molten metals, always guaranteeing excellent optical quality. A version with a visor for electrical hazards is also available.

Welding curtains, stripes and screens

Protect the welder's environment with Transarc welding curtains, stripes and screens. These elements are intended to protect workers who are not involved in the welding process from the danger of light radiation emissions such as ultraviolet or blue light and from the projections produced by the welding arc.

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Welding blankets

Protect the welder's environment from projections and spatters of molten metal that can splash around the weld spot. Available in different materials depending on the temperatures of use in the form of ready-made blankets or in rolls.

Welding gloves and welders protective clothing

Protect the entire body from projections, burns and the high temperatures of the welding process with the wide range of welding gloves and specialized clothing for the welder.

Manufacturers and distributors

We are exclusive distributors

Major international manufacturers trust Dacar Comercial for the exclusive marketing of their products. We offer the market a wide range of products of the highest quality at the best price, covering most of the needs of the welder and the environments where welding work is carried out.

Powered air purifying respirators

Full face masks and half masks, with and without ventilation

Safety spectacles
graduated and non-graduated

Committed to safety

We stick to our most important objective: to detect the potential risks that may exist in different work environments and to provide technological solutions and specific products, within the strict framework of European standards.

At Dacar Comercial we are committed to safety and labor protection. We have been in the welding sector for more than 25 years and we can offer you the best quality guarantee in all our products.

As manufacturers, we develop and offer a complete range of products that ensure maximum protection for workers and their environment. For this reason, we work every day to help you find the best solutions and offer you the best specialized and quality care.

This company has been awarded a subvention from the Navarre Government according to the 2018 help program for the digital expansion of Navarre companies.

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