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Benefits of using an Auto-Darkenning Filter (ADF)

The fact that today most welding helmets are equipped with electronic auto-darkening filters is the remarkable increase in performance of the welder and its great profitability.

The adaptation of automatic darkening filters allows the user to carry out welding and grinding tasks without having to change the mask or without having to raise or lower the mask, which facilitates the verification of the seal in the weld and increases the worker’s performance.

Within the electronic filters there are a great variety of models with very varied prices.

There are models with a fixed dark shade (usually similar to a shade 11 solder crystal), but the vast majority are of variable dark shades that can range from shade 9 to shade 13. Since the filtration of rays Harmful has nothing to do with the dark tone, the variability of tones is a very interesting characteristic for welders: everyone can choose the dark tone according to their ocular sensitivity without affecting their safety. One rule: See without being dazzled!

Some variable dark shade models incorporate a second range of dark shades ranging from 5 to 9. These shades are used for polishing, plasma cutting, micro plasma welding, or autogenous welding. This feature will help increase the profitability of the product and allow the operator to use his helmet for multiple tasks without the need to change protective equipment.

The vast majority of electronic filters include a sensitivity regulator to determine the light level from which the filter automatically darkens, and a delay regulator that allows the screen to remain dark for a certain time. when the light source is no longer active. This function provides protection to the user during the time it takes for the material to cool down after welding, since while it is kept at high temperatures, the light emitted can also damage the eyes.

One of the most visible advantages of some electronic filters is that the automatic darkening mode can be switched off so that the lens remains transparent and can be used as a face shield for grinding processes (GRIND mode)

This option gains greater interest with the arrival on the market of the new ADFs with “True Color” technology.

When the first electronic welding filters hit the market, the ADF had a greenish colour, more or less clear depending on the models, which significantly influenced the perception of the weld bead and the environment. For a few years now, technology has allowed LCD ADFs to present a much lighter tone than before and above all with a grayish neutral tone that improves vision and true colors. These new ADF are the great revolution on the market: finally, saying that an electronic filter is transparent when not in welding process is almost a reality!

This new feature combined with ever-increasing fields of view makes the choice of a welding helmet with an ADF the one to choose even for non-professional welders.

In general, the price of an electronic mask will depend – always considering models that strictly comply with the legislation and regulations in force – on the size of your LCD. It could be said that the greater the field of view, the higher the cost. But the quality of the components, not just of the LCD, but also batteries or electronic components of the ADF and also the materials used for the injection of the welding helmet are also a factor to take into account.

The selection of the materials used and their quality will have a significant influence on the useful life of the product and also on the comfort of the welder.

An important factor in choosing the right welding helmet is its weight. For this, DACAR uses the latest generation of composite materials that not only allow it to meet the requirements of resistance to heat, projections or light required by the EN175: 1997 standard, but also offer very contained weights, generally lower than most of the other models on the market.

Another important factor together with the weight is the headgear with MRD (Mass Repartition Device) and its efficient adjustment system (height, depth and diameter). This mechanism distributes the weight of the mask evenly, preventing excess tension from being generated in the neck area, which allows the worker to carry out their workday without feeling fatigued. All Dacar electronic masks incorporate this exclusive device.

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