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Alvis MK Universel Earplugs (SNR: 32 dB)

ALViS Mk Universel earplugs (SNR: 32 dB) are made of soft, leak-proof silicone. They are comfortable, effective and economical.

They provide great sound insulation and can be used in all kinds of noisy situations. It is the ideal earplug for sleeping, working in noisy environments or swimming. The universal size fits all ears.

ALVIS Mk Universel earplugs are CE-certified for PPE (personal protective equipment). Attenuation values tested according to EC Cat III EN 352-2: 2002 of Directive 425/2016. Supplied with a detachable fall arrest lanyard in an individual case.

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Alvis Mk Universel Earplugs (SNR: 32 dB): High attenuation occlusive earplugs


  • Very high attenuation at all frequencies
  • Waterproof
  • Very easy and quick to fit
  • Very light weight and no discomfort in the ear
  • Economical
  • SNR = 32 – H = 33 M = 29 L = 28
  • EC Cat III standard EN 352-2: 2002 of Directive 425/2016

Should they be tested before use?

The plug must provide a perfect seal. If it is not properly seated, the attenuation will lose much of its effectiveness.
To make sure the seal is perfect, slap the ear close to the ears. A slap generates a lot of noise and must be significantly damped.
If it is not muffled, the earplug needs to be adjusted or is the wrong size.

How do I clean ALVIS earplugs?

Clean your ALVIS earplugs with soap and water. Let the earplugs air dry and store them in their waterproof box.

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