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ALVIS MK5 earplugs (SNR: 33 dB)

ALVIS Mk5 Earplugs offer the same attenuation performance as custom moulded earplugs. We recommend them for professional use in very noisy environments.

It is a high-tech progressive earplug, offering both a very high level of comfort and progressive sound attenuation, allowing the user to choose the desired attenuation level to communicate with their environment while maintaining hearing protection.

ALVIS Mk5 Earplugs are available in 2 sizes (M or L). They are supplied with a removable anti-fall cord as well as a pair of replacement Comply Tip foams for longer life in a reusable case.

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Advantages of ALVIS MK5 earplugs:

  • Enhanced attenuation, especially in the high frequencies, which are the most exposed to sound shocks
  • Maintains good hearing accuracy in the open position thanks to progressive filtering
  • Interchangeability of foam sizes for narrow or wide ear canals
  • Increased longevity by replacing foams when worn out.
  • Better fit and comfort in the ear canal

The Mk 5 comes with a cap that allows you to manage the attenuation level.

Open position: the acoustic performance in quiet conditions will allow you to maintain a very good understanding of speech, movement noises (traffic, play), music, etc. The Mk 5 will not isolate you from your environment and will allow you to stay in contact. The noise attenuation values according to EN352:2 are:

SNR: 20 dB H: 26 M: 16 L: 10 dB

On the other hand, when the ambient noise level or impacts are significant, the sealing provided by the foams will significantly increase the attenuation level of the filter.

Closed position: The superior seal provided by Comply Tip foams allows a level of sound attenuation equivalent to that of a custom moulded resin earplug, while retaining the flexibility and comfort of the Mk range. Some foam earplugs have higher attenuation levels, but these levels are achieved with overly rigid foams that do not stay in place for long periods of time and are uncomfortable to wear. The noise attenuation values according to EN352:2 are:

SNR: 33 dB H: 33 M: 30 L: 27 dB

How to choose the size?

Measure the size of the concha of your ear as shown in the pictures above. The concha is the hollow part of the ear where the helix of the earplugs will be placed. Up to 2.5 cm: size M and over 2.5 cm: size L.

How do I put them in correctly?

The earplugs have a direction marked (on the side of the helix) R for the right ear and L for the left ear.
Compress the Comply Tip foams to reduce their size as much as possible and insert the earplug into the ear canal by pressing the round part. You can rotate the earplug a quarter turn while pressing it in to make sure it is securely in place.
Place the helix in the shell of your ear so that the earplug cannot move, it should fit the shape of the shell of your ear. This part of the earplug has no effect on noise attenuation, but ensures that it stays in place.

Should they be tested before use?

The earplug must provide a perfect seal. If it is not properly seated, the attenuation will lose much of its effectiveness.
To make sure the seal is perfect, slap it close to the ears. A slap generates a lot of noise and should be significantly dampened.
If it is not muffled, the earplug needs to be adjusted or is the wrong size.

How do I clean ALVIS earplugs?

Clean your ALVIS earplugs with soap and water. Let the earplugs air dry and store them in their waterproof box.

What is the shelf life of the earplugs?

ALVIS Mk closures can be used in business for 18 to 24 months, and some of our customers who use them occasionally keep them for several years.
To extend the life of your closures, keep them free of dust and prevent them from getting dirty.

Alvis MK sizes

L, M

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