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CA-29 Evolve Air welding helmet

CA-29 Evolve Air welding helmet

Represents an ergonomic and lightweight flip-up combination of auto-darkening welding helmet and protective visor. Thanks to the stable flip-up welding visor it provides excelent protection for grinding, welding and subsequent surface finishing operations.

The flip-up front can be lifted up onto the top of the helmet, whenever the wide undisturbed view is needed. The unique flipup mechanism optimises the center of gravity and reduces the required space.

The flip-up welding shield allows to use either auto-darkening filter or passive welding filter with standard dimension 110×90 mm. A wide curved protective visor ensures undisturbed view in all directions and meets medium impact requirements “B” as defined in EN 166.

The welding helmet CA-29 Evolve is designed for use with CleanAIR® airline systems to protect respiratory tract from various kinds of harmfull airborne contaminants.


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Data sheet

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 560 g
  • ADF dimensión: 110 x 90 mm
  • Viewing área: 100×53 mm with ADF 718I PRO
  • Grinding shield dimensions: 165 x 95 mm
  • Hose connection: QuickLock
  • Protector factor: 50
  • Certification: EN 12941 TH2, EN 14594 2A/2B, EN 175 B, EN 166 B, EN 379 1/1/1/2

Features & Benefits:

  • Combines welding and grinding protection
  • Compact and durable design
  • Low weight, well balanced, comfortable
  • Large curved visor 170×95 mm
  • Compatible with autodarkening or passive filters 110×90 mm
  • Comfortable and easily adjustable headband
  • Easily exchangeable spare parts
  • Compatible with CleanAIR® PAPRs and airline systems
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