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Auto Darkening Filter El Paso V913I (ADF600I)

The El Paso V913I Auto Darkenning Filter is designed for professional welders looking for an attractive price without giving up the best and most modern technology. Suitable for TIG welding jobs with a minimum of 5 amps, their applications are multiple. The entire El Paso range benefits from ultra-clear gray LCDs that allow for true color viewing and use in locations with low ambient light.

The ADF El Paso V913I is a variable dark shade filter with inside regulations including delay and sensitivity.

The ADF El Paso V913I is compatible with DC-1, DC-2 & DC-2 flip and DC-3 welding helmets.

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Auto Darkening Filter El Paso V913I (ADF600I)

  • Clear shade DIN 3,5 with gray True Color LCD
  • Variable dark shade from 9 to 13 with internal command
  • Delay regulaton from 0,1 to 1 sec. and sensitivity regulation with inner commands
  • Optical quality CE EN379 1/1/1/2
  • Solar + non replaceable lithium battery powered
  • 2 arc sensors
  • Switching time: 0,1 ms.
  • Viewing area 41 x 100 mm.
  • 2 years warranty
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