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Omnira Combi Air welding helmet

The Omnira Combi Air welding helmet is compatible with the CleanAIR Basic, AerGO PAPR and with the  CleanAIR Pressure Flow Master. It offers the highest level of respiratory protection with a TH3 class certification.

One solution for multiple needs. Thanks to the flip-up welding window, welding and grinding can be alternated without compromising respiratory protection. In addition, if welding is not carried out for a certain period of time, the welding window can be removed with a single click, leaving the helmet only with the panoramic visor for an unlimited vision with the maximum optical quality (CE class 1- EN 166) . Made out of hardened polycarbonate it offers a great longevity.

The Omnira Combi Air welding helmet is mounted with the VariGEAR headgear that allows, apart from the traditional adjustments, the regulation of the distance between the eyes and the face shield. This allows the worker to optimize the viewing area and increase the confort of wearing by regulating better the balance.

The welding helmet is supplied with the SL513G Plus auto-darkening filter (ADF) with double range of dark shades DIN 5-8 and 9-14 with a field of view of 98 x 62 mm and with the latest True Color technology in ultra clear grey color with the highest optical class. It is CE certified according to CE EN379 1/1/1/1.

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Features of the Omnira Combi Air welding helmet:

  • External control for grinding function
  • External control for adjusting the inclination of the mask
  • Easy and quick replacement of the outer polycarbonate filter cover
  • One-click flip-up and removable welding window
  • VariGEAR headgear: double band and padded for greater comfort, with multiple adjustments for optimum fit and adjustment of the distance between the eyes and the electronic filter to optimise the field of vision.
  • Easy-to-replace face seal with no need to unscrew fixing elements
  • The rear tube support to prevent swinging can be positioned on the left or right side of the headgear as desired by the welder.

Auto darkening filter ADF SL513G Plus:

The SL513G Plus filter incorporates an innovative technology that replaces electronic components with a micro-chip, which makes this model a reference in terms of reliability and versatility of use, as well as reducing its weight. It is ideal for TIG applications at very low amperage. Equipped with an LCD display where you will find all the information about the selected settings, you will be able to regulate the dark shade (with double range from 5 to 8 and 9 to 14), sensitivity and delay time with digital push buttons while its practical external switch button will allow you to change from welding mode to grinding mode in one click without having to lift the helmet or take off your gloves.

  • Large field of view
  • Ultra clear shade 3 True Color LCD
  • Modern multi-function LCD display
  • Dual range of variable dark shade DIN 5-8 and 9-14 with internal digital controller
  • Suitable for very low Amp. TIG welding (<5 Amps)
  • Internal digital adjustment of delay time and sensitivity
  • Grinding function (external) with one-click push button
  • Solar powered + 1 replaceable CR2450 battery
  • 4 arc sensors in corners for better arc detection and fast reaction speed
  • Optical quality 1/1/1/1
  • Viewing area 98 x 62 mm
  • Clear to dark switching time: 0.1 ms
  • 2 years warranty

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