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Visitor or Over-glasses Ontor have variable adjustability and are ideally suited to spectacle wearers who visit hazardous areas for only short periods of time. The various adjustability options prevent any friction with prescription classes.

The modern visitor-glasses provide comfortable and effective eye protection, during factory or workshop inspections, for example. People who do not wear spectacles also enjoy a wide field of vision during brief activities and the extensive eye protection Over-glasses.

They are normally worn for short periods, for example during brief activities in hazardous areas, but also by visitors and guests during works inspections. However, on account of their increased weight we recommend they be worn for short periods of time only. Our safety spectacles for spectacle wearers are better suited to activities in hazardous areas for longer periods.


  • Polycarbonate anti-abrasion “K” certified lenstype
  • UV protection
  • Weight: 44 g
  • Ergo Fit temple technology

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Features Ontor

  • Universally adjustable as safety and visitor glasses
  • Additional rubber lip prevents the ingress of foreign bodies from above
  • Individually adjustable temple length
  • Perfectly suited to wearing over personal prescription glasses
  • Special soft cushion on the temple protects from side impacts
  • Individually adjustable safety lens angle


[1] Flexible temples

Adapt to every head shape.

[2] Soft cushion

Special supports protect against side and frontal impacts.

[3] Flexible temple length

The individually adjustable temple lengths ensure an optimal and pressure-free fit on the ears and temples.

[4] Variable lens angle

The tilt of the lenses can be adjusted to every shape of head and to every working situation.

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