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Safe 2 Flex, visor carrier for safety helmet

The Safe 2 Flex visor carrier is designed to be combined with safety helmets and visors, with or without hearing protection.

The carrier is suitable for use in combination with any of the Secure 1, 2 & 3 ear muffs or with the help of the 30 mm adapters directly onto the helmets without earing protection. Compatible with helmets with standard 30 mm side slots aligned with the helmet brim.

The Safe 2 Flex carrier is equipped with an extra rubber seal to prevent rain, sawdust and other particles from falling down between carrier and helmet. It is also the best choice of carrier for any helmets with very short or no brim, such as climbing-style helmets. The rubber seal will also provide a nice chock absorber function when lowering the visor to avoid noise and vibration.

Available a wide variety of visors that fit perfectly to the carrier. Select your own carrier, visor and hearing protector combination.

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Technical features:

  • Two Positions: A smooth pivoting movement allows the visor to be raised to a firm resting position and back to the working position.
  • CE certification for eye and face protection: EN 166: 2001 39B / F – EN 1731: 2006
  • Environmental approvals: ROHS, REACH

Visors, hearing protectors/30 mm adaptors and safety helmet not included

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