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Sync09VP3 Full Face Mask PAPR with wide angle vision and communication system

The Shigematsu motorized Sync09 is the most recent full face mask that incorporates a motor-fan from the Synchro range and that offers you maximum respiratory, face and eye protection with the greatest comfort. With its built-in fan, you can breathe freely without any effort and the visor doesn’t fog up. The motorized assistance also ensures a constant overpressure of filtered air inside the mask, which will prevent any leakage to the interior.

It incorporates an extraordinary wide vision polycarbonate visor and a communication system with a voice amplifier to work safely and so that you can communicate with your surroundings without having to raise your voice or need to remove your mask.

Without switches, the equipment turns on by itself and will also turn off only 5 seconds after the user has removed the equipment. In addition, it guarantees maximum comfort due to its adjustable 6-point harness and its low weight.

Sync09 Full Face Mask PAPR

  • EN12942+A2:2008 TM3 P R SL
  • Nominal Protection Factor (FPN): 2.000
  • IEC 60529:2001 IP65 rated
  • Switchless (Automatic ON/Off)
  • Cordless (No battery connection cable)
  • Size : M,L
  • Speech diaphragm
  • Voice amplifier
  • Adjustable 6-point head harness
  • New widest polycarbonate visor
    Inside : Anti-fog coated
    Outside : Anti-scratch coated
  • Optical class 1 visor and B impact resistance CE EN166
  • Compatible with V-series P3 particulate filter and A1P3, A1B1E1P3 or A1B2E2K1P3 combined filters

Original price was: 2.456,63€.Current price is: 1.927,26€.


Complete kit includes:

  • Storage box
  • Filter protector
  • Filter P3
  • Motor unit
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Air meter
  • Integral face mask
  • Visor protector

Advantages Sync09vp3 full face mask PAPR:

High safety

  • When you breathe in, the sensor detects the negative pressure and the motor kicks in to create positive pressure and push the excess of filtered air out.
  • Therefore, there will be no possibility of inhaling contaminated air.


  • Comparing to Constant Air Flow PAPR, you will feel comfortable when you breathe out since the motor will stop.
  • Compact and lightweight, no risk of bad connections


  • The system starts automatically as you breathe in, and turns off 5 seconds after you remove the mask.

Making the particle filter longer life

  • When you breathe in, the motor will start, and when you breathe out, the motor will stop.
  •  Therefore, it will only collect the contaminant when you breathe in, as a result, makes the filter life longer.
  • In addition, as we have the filter replacement indicator, it is possible to replace the filter at the suitable time effectively.

Long life battery

  • Compact long lasting battery with more than 9 hours of duration
  • Life time >300 charging/discharging cycles

Easy to wash

  • It is possible to remove from the facepiece motor and filter, therefore the facepiece can be washed like any other convencional reusable respirator.
  • In addition, the full face mask Synchro Sync09 has passed IP65.
  • Note: Although it passed IP65, please be careful not to wash the fan unit directly.


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