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T20 Terano safety helmet (ratchet closure)

One of the lightest construction helmets on the market! With only 315 gr. wearing comfort is assured. In addition, the textile headgear incorporates an extra long sweatband on the front and a practical self-locking ratchet wheel closure on the back for a perfect fit.

The ABS shell offers, in addition to excellent resistance to impacts, good resistance to radiant and contact heat as well as good resistance to chemical products, which makes it an ideal helmet not only for construction but also for the metal or chemical industry. In addition, ABS is denser than traditional materials used in the construction of construction helmets and therefore does not scratch easily. Thus, the Terano T20 helmet maintains its original shine for longer.

The Terano T20 helmet can be used in combination with other PPE such as hearing protectors, face shields or DC-1 or DC-2 welding helmets thanks to its standardized 30 mm lateral slots. Optionally, you can order a chin strap that is attached to the headgear for work at height, for example.


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Technical characteristics:

  • Headgear with double textile band suspension and 4 anchor points
  • Headgear with ratchet wheel lock
  • Vents to reduce thermal stress
  • Short visor to ensure protection against falling objects but not to limit upward vision
  • Light weight: 315 grams
  • Made of ABS
  • Up to 4 years shelf life
  • EN397 certification

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