Transarc strip T. 0,4 x W. 470 x H. 2000 mm.

Transarc strip for working areas

0,4 mm thick x 470mm wide x 2000mm high

  • They filter the harmful rays emitted by the welding arc, Ultraviolet (UV) rays and the so-called blue light.
  • The strips are distinguished by their functionality, they can be hung on fixed or mobile supports with rings or hooks.
  • Its overlapping configuration allows the passage of personnel or bulky material at any point in the room.
  • Different colors according to protection levels.
  • 2 linear meters per pack of 5 units.
  • Price for strip.


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Different colors of welding foils for different levels of protection:

Transarc bronze (FE)

  • Light transmittance: 0.7%
  • Risk factor: 0.2
  • Semitransparent.
  • Lets visible light into the work area.
  • They allow the visibility of personnel and material.

Red Transarc (OR)

  • Light transmittance: 4.5%
  • Risk factor: 0.5
  • Lets more visible light into the work area.
  • People and materials are not distinguished.

Dark Green Transarc (R9)

  • Light transmittance: 0.04%
  • Risk factor: 0.1
  • It is the most opaque
  • Ideal for avoiding glare from intense light
  • People and materials are not distinguished

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