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Welding blanket 1300ºC (roll of 0,92×50 m)

Roll of fire retardant material DC-1300 in silica with anti abrasion treatment in roll

It provides high temperature resistance, excellent heat preservation and thermal insulation (heat insulation and protection, does not burn and is resistant to acids) as well as protection against high intensity splashes, dense sparks and slag.

For heavy welding and cutting jobs

For vertical or flat use, to cover surfaces or objects susceptible to being affected by welding, cutting or grinding projections.

Protection of hoses and cables, in an emergency it can be also used as a fire blanket

No asbestos

Price per complete roll of 0,92×50 m


Welding blanket 1300ºC (roll of 0,92×50 m) features:

  • Material: High Silica fabric, asbestos-free
  • Service Temperature: up to 1100ºC continuously and 1500ºC maximum
  • Colour: Tan
  • Dimensions: 0.92×50 m
  • Characteristic: Suitable for heavy-duty welding and cutting work.
  • Provides excellent abrasion and high temperature resistance, thermal insulation, anti-oxidation, isolating protection from high-intensity spatters, sparks and slags.
  • Excellent cost/benefit protection value
  • Thickness: 1,30 mm
  • Weigth: 53 Kg/roll of 50 m
  • Threads / cm (Fd / cm): warp 18, weft 11
  • Thread count (tex): warp 400, weft 400
  • Breaking strength: 2500 N / 2.5 cm warp, 1599 N / 2.5 cm weft
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