Welding blanket DC-1300 in roll of 0,92 x 50 m

DC 1300 fire blanket for silica welding

  • Asbestos-free in silicate fiber
  • For temperatures up to 1100ºC continuously and 1500ºC maximum
  • For heavy welding and cutting jobs
  • Excellent heat preservation and thermal insulation (heat protection and insulation, does not burn and is resistant to acids)
  • Welding and cutting, protection against molten metal splashes, against heat and flames
  • Protection of hoses and cables, in an emergency it can be used as a fire blanket
  • Price per roll of 50 m complete

2.448,98 2.448,98


  • Material: Asbestos-free in silicate fiber
  • Temperature: up to 1100ºC continuously and 1500ºC maximum
  • Thickness: 1,30 mm
  • Weigth: 1150 g/m2
  • Threads / cm (Fd / cm): warp 18, weft 11
  • Thread count (tex): warp 400, weft 400
  • Breaking strength: 2500 N / 2.5 cm warp, 1599 N / 2.5 cm weft
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