Welding blanket DC 600

Fiberglass welding blanket DC 600 with a polyurethane coated face

  • They offer effective protection against projections produced by welding work with few projections and cutting.
  • For vertical or flat use
  • The aluminum polyurethane layer holds the fibers together to prevent the passage of light and projections
  • Asbestos-free thermal fiberglass
  • Available in various sizes


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  • Material: Fiberglass + aluminum PU on one side
  • Temperatures of use: continuous up to 500ºC and peak up to 600ºC
  •  Thickness: 0.75 mm
  • Weight: 690 g/m2
  • Threads/cm (Fd/cm): warp 16, weft 15
  • Thread count (tex): warp 68, weft 68
  • Break resistance: 2500 N/2.5 cm warp, 2200 N/2.5 cm weft

1×2 m, 2×2 m, 2×3 m

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