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Welding Curtain Transarc H. 1800 x W. 1400 x T. 0,4 mm

Welding curtain Transarc T 0.4 x Width 1400 x Height 1800 mm. EN ISO25980. With 6 eyelets on the top and snap buttons on the sides to join two curtains together. Includes 6 rings.

Designed and made in Spain.

Welding curtains are intended to protect personnel who are not involved in the welding process from the danger of radiation emissions and projections produced by the welding arc.

  • Transarc welding curtains are perfect for all types of electric welding, minimum distance of 2 meters, not suitable for laser welding
  • They filter the harmful rays emitted by the welding arc, ultraviolet (UV) rays and the so-called blue light
  • They provide maximum security in terms of transmittance and refractance
  • Supplied with 6 grommets on the top and snap fastenners on the sides to join several curtains together
  • In accordance with the EN ISO25980: 2014 standard
  • 6 metal rings included

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Welding Curtain Transarc H. 1800 x W. 1400 x T. 0,4 mm

Designed and made in Spain.

Available colours:

Transarc Orange (OR)

  • Light transmittance: 4.5%
  • Risk factor: 0.5
  • Semitransparent
  • This is the colour that brings most visible light into the working area and surroundings
  • People and materials are not distinguished

Transarc Bronze (FE)

  • Light transmittance: 0.7%
  • Risk factor: 0.2
  • Semitransparent
  • Allows visible light into the work area
  • Allows the visibility of personnel and material

Transarc Green (R6)

  • Light transmittance: 0.15%
  • Risk factor: 0.2
  • Semitransparent
  • Allows the visibility of personnel and material
  • Reduces the visible light transmission

Transarc Dark Green (R9)

  • Light transmittance: 0.04%
  • Risk factor: 0.1
  • It is the most opaque, very little visible light transmission
  • Ideal for avoiding glare from intense light
  • People and materials are not distinguished

The useful life of a welding curtain is marked by its good condition. Its immediate replacement is recommended if there is any damage caused by its use such as: appearance of holes due to excessive projections or breaks due to mechanical actions.

What is the current regulation?

The international standard ISO25980: 2014 cancels and replaces the EN1598: 2012 standard and specifies the safety requirements for transparent curtains, strips and screens used for the protection of workplaces near areas where arc welding processes are used. It establishes, among others, the values of light transmittance, reflectance as well as the combustion resistance allowed. It also establishes a risk factor that cannot be higher than 1 in any case.

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