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Welding helmet F1 MAX

Perfect for combining grinding and welding tasks with ease!

The F1 MAX welding helmet is the perfect definition of versatility. More than just a welding helmet, it guarantees maximum protection without sacrificing comfort.

A standout feature is its flip-up welding front, which, once raised, gives way to an internal panoramic visor, providing a wide field of vision for your grinding tasks, working safely without sacrificing efficiency and precision.

In addition, the F1 MAX comes with a headgear equipped with a Pressure Distribution Device (PDD) at the neck for optimum comfort. For added convenience, the welding window can be operated with one hand.

Another thing that stands out about this welding helmet is its field of vision with a yellowish shade 3 True color technology LCD offering an additional filtering of blue light, yet maintaining the highest optical quality 1/1/1/1 (V1 – ISO16321 ).

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Features welding helmet F1 MAX:

  • Ultra-flexible 3 upper-band headgear for optimal fit and comfort
  • Self-locking ratchet system and Pressure Distribution Device (PDD) for maximum convenience
  • Weight: Complete mask: 731 g
  • Replacement protection plates:
    – Outer: 178,6X129,9 mm
    – Inner: 114X89 mm
    – Available colours: Black
  • Certification CE ISO 16321 W 14 E 1-M
  • The F1 MAX welding mask complies with European Union legislation 2016/425 and the harmonisation standard EN ISO 16321

Features P31MAX filter:

Model P31MAX
Viewing area 108 x 82 mm
LCD type – colour True yellowish colour shade 3 with additional blue light filtration
Optical class 1/1/1/1 (V1 – ISO16321)
Modes Welding/cutting/polishing
Arc sensors 4 + 1 ambiental
Dark shade regulation 4-8/9-13
Automatic Dark Shade selection mode Yes, with +/- 2 shades self adjustment
Memory function Yes, 10 memories
Grinding mode Yes, with internal control
Sensitivity 0-9 manual levels and auto function
Low amperage TIG function (SUPER) Yes, in pos. 9 of the sensitivity
Reaction time 0,04 ms
Dark to clear time 0.04 – 2.0 sec. Manual and auto mode
Spot welding mode (TACK) Yes, with Delay on pos. 0
Gradient function Yes
Energy supply Solar + 2 Replaceable CR2450 lithium battery
Warranty 2 years
Certification CE ISO 16321

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