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What is better TIG or MIG welding?

Tig and Mig welding

We cannot say if one is better than the other, as it will depend on the type of work we want to carry out in order to be able to assess which type of welding is the one we should work with.

However, we can tell you some of their main differences.

Differences between Tig and Mig welding

Difficulty of implementation

TIG welding is undoubtedly considered more complex than MIG welding.

Is filler material needed?

For TIG welding, filler material is not strictly necessary, but it is recommended so that the final weld is firmer and more aesthetic. In the case of MIG welding, the filler material is in the form of wire which, as it melts to form the weld seam, is self-fed from a coil which is usually housed on or inside the welding machine.

Electrode types

For TIG welding, a tungsten electrode is used which is not consumed during the welding process, but for MIG welding a metal wire is used which also serves as filler material and is therefore consumed more quickly.

What are their uses?

TIG welding which can be applied to almost any metal from aluminium to steel. It is used to weld thin materials and provides an aesthetic, hard and corrosion-resistant finish. The system can be automated if the gun is controlled.

MIG welding is suitable for non-ferrous metals, but can also be applied to steel or aluminium structures. It is often used for medium and larger thicknesses.

Which process is faster TIG or MIG?

The MIG welding process is faster than TIG welding because in the MIG process the filler material in the form of wire is self-feeding whereas in TIG the welder must manually feed the material in the form of rod. The TIG torch with the tungsten electrode is held in one hand and the fusion material is fed in with the other hand.

Which gloves should I use for Tig or Mig welding?

TIG welding generates relatively little heat and therefore a thinner glove can be chosen to provide more feel and dexterity for the job. Bearing in mind that the filler material will be handled with the free hand, the greater the touch, the greater the control of the molten pool and the better the weld bead.

With MIG welding, slightly more heat and spatter is generated. Therefore, the gloves must provide greater thermal insulation and be as resistant as possible to possible projections that may come into contact with the glove. But it is also important that they remain as comfortable and flexible as possible, even if it is only to be able to operate the torch trigger!

guantes tig de soldadura

What eye protection should I wear?

In both cases, welding a weld seam on metals generates harmful rays for the eyes and therefore it is essential to use a welding mask. In the case of MIG welding, it will also be necessary to carry out polishing work after welding and therefore it will also be very necessary to use a face shield or eye protection against projections when polishing. There is a choice of safety spectacles, a face shield or an electronic welding shield with a grinding function or with a flip-up window.

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What respiratory protection should I wear?

Welding of metals involves the formation of fumes. These fumes are formed from tiny metal particles suspended in the air and are highly polluting to the human body. Continuous inhalation of metal fumes can lead to fatal diseases (lung cancer, kidney problems, stroke, etc.). Therefore, in both cases, good respiratory protection is necessary. The minimum is the use of a disposable FFP3 type mask.

And finally, remember that when welding, apart from the projections (in the case of MIG welding), a significant amount of ultra-violet light is generated, which can spread over a long distance. For this reason, do not forget to isolate the work area with welding curtains and/or
work area with welding curtains and/or fire blankets!

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