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Headgear with MDD: maximize comfort, minimize strain

The Mass Distribution Device also called MDD was created in 2015 by Dacar Comercial. It allows the weight of the mask to be spread out over the head, minimizing the tension on the operator’s neck and significantly increasing the user’s comfort during the working day.

The MDD shifts the weight of the head unit towards the operator’s center of gravity which produces a feeling of less weight and considerably reduces stress on the neck.


The headgear has a padded anti-allergic sweatband on the front that evenly distributes the pressure on the forehead. Its velcro closure guarantees easy removal and donning as well as excellent support. The advanced self-locking system in tight postion with self-release by turning the wheel anti-clockwise when loosening allows you to tighten or loosen the pressure of the headgear on the head without having to push or pull the wheel first.

Thanks to the stability provided by the MDD, it is not necessary to exert excessive pressure on the head with the adjustment wheel, which contributes to further increasing the comfort of use.

The MDD headgear was created in 2015 by Dacar Comercial and has become an essential element for the welders’ day-to-day. It is designed to fit all Dacar Comercial welding masks (DC-1, DC-2, DC-3 and DC-4)) and also the DC-GUARD face shield.

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