DC-2 El Paso V913E + hard hat

Set made out of the DC-2 welding helmet with variable dark shade Auto Darkening Filter  El Paso V913E with external command and a construction helmet. The helmet adapters are inserted into the standard lateral slots of the construction helmet. They can be easily removed to allow the operator to wear the helmet without the welding helmet while on the move for example.

The Terano construction helmet is characterized by its light weight of only 285 gr. Made of ABS, it resists the passage of time, scratches and projections of molten metal better than traditional PE helmets. Equipped with a textile harness and ratchet closure, the fit to the head is comfortable and firm. One of the lightest welding helmet and construction helmet sets on the market.

The Rockman construction helmet is characterized by its design with DeForma Tec technology: the design of the headgear anchorage is conceived to absorb the impact energy through deformation and thus prevent it from being transmitted to the operator’s neck, thus considerably reducing the risk of injury. Made of PE, it maintains a reduced weight of only 315 gr. Equipped with a textile headgear and ratchet closure, the fit to the head is comfortable and firm.


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Construction helmets features:


  • With only 285 gr, the Terano helmet is one of the lightest and most comfortable to wear
  • Rear extension for a better protection of the neck
  • Short peak for better upward visibility
  • Made of ABS, it better resists the passage of time, scratches and projections of molten metal
  • The headgear is made out of textile bands and comes with ratchet closure to ensure a firm and comfortable fit
  • Replaceable sweatband that covers from temple to temple with super-absorbent properties
  • Certification: CE EN397, -30ºC


  • DeForma Tec Technology: The fixations points of the headgear are designed to absorb impact energy by deformation on impact rather than transmitting it to the head
  • Reduces the energy transmission allowed by EN397 by 30% and up to 50%
  • Rear extension for a better protection of the neck
  • With rain draining rim
  • Good side impact stability
  • Short peak for better upward visibility
  • The finish on the crown of the helmet is rough to avoid marks produced when the helmet is left upside down on an abrasive surface
  • Helmet material: PE
  • Certification: CE EN397, -30ºC

Welding helmet DC-2 for hard hat:

  • For 90 x 110 mm. ADF or mineral glass
  • Mask with front “sandwich” window for a perfect fastening of the filter cover against impacts and maximum sealing against the penetration of fumes or projections in the space between the filter cover and the electronic filter
  • Helmet adaptators can easily be removed so to be able to use the hard hat without the welding helmet when not needed
  • Maximum visage, neck and ears protection against light radiation and sparks
  • Weight only 360 gr. (ADF or mineral glass not included)
  • B Class certified according to EN175 for impact resistance
  • Compatible with Rockman, Terano and Montana hard hats

Auto Darkening Filter EL PASO V913E (ADF600G):

  • Clear shade DIN 3,5 with gray True Color LCD
  • Variable dark shade from 9 to 13 with outer command
  • Delay regulaton from 0,1 to 1 sec. and sensitivity regulation with inner commands
  • Grinding mode with integrated switch to the dark shade regulation command
  • Optical quality 1/1/1/2
  • Solar + non replaceable lithium battery powered
  • 2 arc sensors
  • Switching time: 0,1 ms.
  • Viewing area 41 x 100 mm.
  • 2 years warranty
Hard hat


Hard hat colour

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