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Welding helmet DC-2 Multi-Xi with Radius helmet

With its distinctive black frame and red accents, the DC-2 welding helmet not only enhances safety and functionality, but also adds a touch of style to personal protective equipment.

At the heart of this helmet is the advanced ADF718i PRO electronic filter, an electronic filter that quickly adjusts to changing light, protecting your eyes without sacrificing visibility. This technology ensures exceptional optical clarity and protection against UV radiation, allowing for more precise and safer welding work.

The Radius Helmet, available in a range of vibrant colours including Blue (A), White (B), Orange (N), Yellow (J), Green (V), and Red (R), allows for personalisation and easy identification in the workplace. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure fit, while the short, non-ventilated visor with wheel closure offers additional protection against projections and particles, without compromising mobility or field of vision.

The adapters included with the helmet ensure broad compatibility and easy installation, making the DC-2 Multi-Xi Welding Helmet with Radius Helmet the preferred choice for welders seeking efficiency, comfort and superior protection. This product not only meets the expectations of the most demanding professionals, but exceeds them, redefining what is expected of personal protective equipment in welding.

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Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, White, Azul

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