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DC-Guard DACAiR head unit

The DC-Guard DACAiR head unit is made up of the DC-Guard face shield with polycarbonate visor and additional chin guard to which a fabric face seal with flame retardant treatment has been added as well as an air duct with deflector to bring the air coming from the DACAiR PAPR unit to the front of the screen.

The DC-GUARD DACAIR face shield is the best option for optimal protection against particles and fumes during polishing, cutting or grinding jobs.

Compact, light (620 gr) and ergonomic, it is certified in combination with the DACAiR PAPR unit.

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DC-Guard DACAiR face shield:

  • Polycarbonate visor and chin guard for solid particles impact
  • 2 peel-off visors for liquid splashes
  • Face seal made out of flame retardant treated fabric
  • Air duct with bafle to direct the air to the front of the face shield without annoying drafts around the eyes
  • Compatible with DACAiR powered air protective respirator (PAPR)
  • Lightweight: 620 gr
  • Large field of view
  • Ideal for grinding work
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