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DACAiR PAPR waist unit

DACAiR PAPR, designed for individual respiratory protection in industrial environments, they are an ideal solution for environments with high levels of contaminants in forms of solid or liquid particles.

Compatible with different head units, the new DACAiR Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) are the most effective and versatile option to protect yourself from harmful particles in the form of dust, fumes or mists produced during welding and related techniques.

Always ensuring the safety and protection of users, DACAiR equipment complies with the highest standards in respiratory protection. DACAiR assemblies are certified in accordance with current european legislation 425/2016 according to EN 12941:1998 + A1:2003 + A2:2008 in class TH2 or TH3 depending on the head unit models.


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Features DACAiR PAPR:

  • Replaceable filter P R SL
  • The complete unit (filter included) weights only 920 g
  • Double air Flow: 180 or 220 litres / min
  • Battery: Li-ion 7.4 V / 5200 mAh
  • Running time with fully charged battery: At 180 l / min > 8 hours, at 220 l / min > 5 hours
    *Running time can be be reduced if the filters are clogged ori f the battery is not fully charged
  • Charging cycles: >350
  • Fast charging time:  < 4 hours
  • Assigned Protection Factor: 500 (TH3)
  • Noise level: Max. 69 to 74 dB(A) depending on head unit
  • Certificate: CE EN 12941 class TH3
  • Warranty: Battery: 6 months / PAPR: 1 year

Features and benefits:


  • The ergonomic design and light weight of the DACAiR unit (920 gr for the complete unit) guarantee a high level of comfort for the user, even in environments with limited movement possibilities thanks to its highly flexible air duct that remains close to the body.
  • Without vibrations and with only 65 decibels of sound level, the user will be able to carry out their work with total efficiency and without hearing discomfort.


  • DACAiR provides the highest level of respiratory protection with an integrated air distribution system that directs clean air directly to the breathing zone of the head unit. The user receives filtered air of excellent quality, preventing, in turn, the entry of toxic fumes, thanks to the positive pressure generated by the DACAiR PAPR, which makes the user, apart from being protected, experience a constant sensation of freshness inside the head unit.

Cost effective

  • The DACAiR blower unit is completely reliable and highly cost-effective. Its advanced electronic system combined with a vibration-free motor and brushless engine prolongs its useful life while the replaceable filter P R SL guarantees respiratory protection for several days, which results in a low cost of daily use when compared to the use of FFP3 masks for example.
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