P3RC filter

The P3RC filter is a P3 filter for solid and liquid particles, carcinogenic particles, fumes and micro organisms such as viruses, bacteria or enzymes.

This filter model is mounted above a Shigematsu CA series chemical filter to prevent particles from clogging it prematurely, thus extending its useful life.

Very thin (dia. +4 mm, Alt. + 14.5 mm when mounted on chemical filter) offers a very low resistance to breathing for a greater comfort of use.

Price by unit

5,32 5,32


P3RC filter

  • Particle Filter P3
  • Can only be used when attaching to a gas filter from the CA series, and used as combined filter
  • Super thin type : Dia. +4 mm, Height +14.5 mm with gas filter size
  • EN14387:2004
  • Nominal Protection Factor: 48 with half mask and 2000 with full face mask
  • Price per unit

Compatible with the RS01, RS01S and RX01 half masks as well as the CF01 full face mask

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