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Welding blanket 600ºC with 4 magnets (1×1 m)

The welding blanket 600ºC with 4 magnets (1×1 m) is made out of thermal fiberglass with one side covered in polyurethane to keep the fibers together and avoid sparks going thru.

Without asbestos, they are equipped with 2 magnets sewn in the upper hem and another 2 in the lower hem, in the 4 corners, for easy placement on any structure or metal surface.

Quick and easy to remove and attach, they are ideal, for example, to protect parts of a vehicle body or to attach to a vertical frame.

Ideal for automotive workshops

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Welding blanket 600ºC with 4 magnets (1×1 m) features:

  • 1 magnet in each corner
  • Material: Fiberglass + aluminum PU on one side,
  • Sewings made with Kevlar thread
  • Temperatures of use: continuous up to 500ºC and peak up to 600ºC
  • Colour: silver for the fiberglass side (this side is to be used for receiving spatters) and gray for the PU coated side
  • Available sizes: High 1 m x Width 1 m, with 2 magnets on top and 2 magnets on the bottom
  • For welding and grinding with low intensity
  •  Thickness: 0.75 mm
  • Weight: 690 g/m2
  • Threads/cm (Fd/cm): warp 16, weft 15
  • Thread count (tex): warp 68, weft 68
  • Break resistance: 2500 N/2.5 cm warp, 2200 N/2.5 cm weft
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