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Welding helmet DC-2 330

The DC-2 330 welding helmet is designed for use in adverse conditions with high welding amperages, high temperatures or risks of impact during grinding work. The outer frame compresses the filter cover with the welding helmet to provide a better seal against fumes and spatter. This ensures a clear view and prevents damage to the mineral glass. The larger volume of space between the filter cover and the filter also provides better thermal insulation for both the electronic filter and the welder’s face.

The DC-2 330 welding helmet is equipped with a 90 x 110 mm welding glass with polished edges to avoid accidental cuts during handling. You can choose the shade of the glass from shade 9 to 14 according to your needs.


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Features of the DC-2 330 welding helmet:

  • DC-2 black welding helmet and passive filter made of mineral glass 90 x 110 mm
  • Glass with polished edges to avoid accidental cuts
  • Total weight 450 gr
  • CE EN 175 and EN 166
Passive filter shade

DIN 09, DIN 10, DIN 13, DIN 14, DIN 11, DIN 12

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