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How to properly protect a welder

Welders are exposed to continuous hazards during their working days such as flames, sparks, fumes and airborne particles and even molten metal splashes… This is one of the main reasons why they require safe, high quality work clothing, a welding helmet and a Dacair fan to provide clean air at all times.

This type of welder’s workwear is designed to protect you from burns or injury at all times. In the same way, we must provide safe and comfortable clothing, as it is very uncomfortable for the welder to work with uncomfortable clothing for many hours. This is why Dacar offers all types of clothes with maximum safety and comfort.

Material para soldar

At Dacar we specialise in all products related to work protection and protection for welders. For this reason, we make sure that our welding clothing as well as all our protective materials meet all safety standards and are made of the highest quality materials and can keep you completely safe for many years to come.

The welder’s protective equipment recommended by the experts includes indispensable material such as:

protección respiratoria contra los humos de soldadura
  • Welding helmet: It is a protection equipment for our face, thanks to this we will avoid that the sparks and material that comes off in the welding process impact on our face and that the light radiation with strong content of harmful rays for the eyes and skin, such as UV, blue light or IR, reach our face. In addition, it has a filter that helps to protect our eyes from the radiation produced during welding work. This filter can be a tinted mineral glass of a traditional welding helmet or an electronic filter. A good example of a professional welding helmet is the DC-4.

  • Fireproof hood: Very interesting to protect the parts of the neck and head that are exposed by the welding helmet.
  • Welding jacket: Protective clothing for welding in many cases is made of leather, as it is a very resistant material that allows us to ensure great protection. In this case, it is very important that the leather jacket, in addition to being safe, allows us to enjoy a great comfort when wearing it.  Therefore, the gold leather jacket for welders available at Dacar is designed with both safety and comfort in mind. With an adjustable straight collar and adjustable sleeves to prevent the intrusion of sparks, as well as an articulating gusset in the armpit area for maximum comfort.
  • Welding trousers: In order to buy a good pair of trousers for welding, we must pay attention to some main characteristics such as the material, the elasticity of the trousers and the thickness of the trousers. In this case, the gold leather trousers have a thickness of 1.2 mm allowing to be protected from scratches and sparks that impact on the legs. In addition, made with top quality split leather, it guarantees excellent flexibility, favouring its comfortable use.
  • Respiratory protection: Welding fumes are toxic! It is therefore essential to wear suitable respiratory protection. As welding fumes are a collection of tiny metal particles suspended in the air, at least an FFP3 type mask should be worn, with a higher protection factor provided by a half mask with P3 filters or, better still, by using a motor-ventilated equipment with P R SL filter which provides a positive pressure of filtered air inside the welding helmet so that the fumes cannot reach the mouth-nasal area.
  • Welding gloves: Designed to resist high temperatures when welding, to avoid cuts, as well as the impact of sparks produced during welding. We can distinguish several types of welding gloves as we will explain in more detail below.

On our website you will find a wide variety of accessories and clothing designed specifically for protection against the multiple risks present in the welding environment. However, if you do not find what you need, do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation to help you. The welder’s clothing online is more and more demanded every year thanks to its convenient purchase and above all the fast delivery system to our home in just 24 to 48 hours.

We must be aware that there is no one glove that can be described as the best of all gloves, as each one is specialised in something in particular.

TIG glove

The goatskin TIG welding gloves offer high wearing comfort and maximum dexterity. The leather used is of the highest quality, offering not only durability but also flexibility and tactility. This allows optimum control when handling the filler material as well as when operating the TIG torch trigger. This flexibility is also a great help for the freedom of movement of the hand when making the TIG weld bead.

guantes tig de soldadura

MIG welding glove

Dacar MIG welding gloves are ideal for welders who are looking for a very flexible glove, with great feel and, above all, really comfortable to wear. In addition, the back of the glove has an elastic band for an optimum fit to the hand.

These MIG welding gloves are made of top quality black full grain leather with green cowhide reinforcements. In addition, they offer a very good thermal resistance thanks to the thermal insulating lining inside. Finally, they are sewn with Kevlar thread, with reinforcement on the palm for longer life of these gloves.

guante de soldadura mig

To withstand high amperage:

The extra long welding gloves (46 cm) are intended for use in intensive welding conditions. Featuring the highest quality cowhide leather, lined with anti-heat lining and Kevlar stitching, the extra long welding gloves offer excellent resistance to molten metal projections as well as radiant heat. Their longer length (46 cm) allows exceptional protection of the forearms and shirt sleeves up to the elbow.

The 45-centimetre aluminised back welder’s gloves are the best choice if you work at high temperatures, as these gloves are designed for welding work where there is strong radiant heat.

It has an aluminised fibre backing which helps to reflect heat while its thermal insulating lining prevents the welder from getting burnt despite being in contact with the heat.

The anti-cut welding gloves are a variant of the MIG welding glove. They add a reinforcement on the back of the hand to better withstand projections and offer great safety thanks to their thermal insulating and anti-cut Kevlar lining without sacrificing comfort due to their great flexibility and feel. Thanks to their anti-cutting certification, these gloves may be used for welding, but also for handling metal sheets or any metal part that may pose a cutting risk when handled. They are sewn with Kevlar thread to avoid any premature breakage.

Where to buy welder's clothing

In everything related to work protection, we should not hesitate for a second, we should always look for items that offer the greatest possible comfort of use and that comply with the requirements of the regulations and legislation in force. But we should also opt for the places that offer the best quality and the best service.

We must leave aside the economic issue (as long as our pocket allows it), since we only have one body and we can’t change it. If by using a welding helmet without the proper certification you start to have problems with your eyes… we are doing something wrong. For this reason, we heartily recommend that whenever we talk about safety products, quality and good materials take precedence over price.

At Dacar, we are very aware of all this and the products we sell guarantee maximum safety. Being a company located in Spain, we offer an exquisite customer service.

In addition, we have KM 0 products, manufactured and designed in Spain, giving us the ability to create and replenish easily and above all quickly.

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