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DACAiR WH02 Grand V969D Plus +

The new DACAiR WH02 Grand V969D Plus + is the most effective and versatile option to protect yourself from harmful particles in the form of dust, fumes or mists produced during welding and related techniques.

Always ensuring the safety and protection of users, DACAiR equipment complies with the highest standards in respiratory protection. The DACAiR WH02 assemblies are certified in accordance with current legislation 425/2016 according to EN 12941: 1998 + A1: 2003 + A2: 2008 in class TH2.

The WH02 helmet with the V969D Plus + filter, offers a 98 x 87 mm with True Color technology for optimal comfort, both welding and not, minimizing the feeling of claustrophobia that a filter with a small field of vision can cause and with greater safety since the operator has a very large field of vision and will be able to detect any source of danger around him.

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The set DACAiR WH02 Grand V969D Plus + includes:

  • PAPR DACAiR with P R SL Filter and pre-filter
  • Comfort belt
  • 1 or 2 batteries (depending on the option you choose)
  • Charger
  • Hose with protective cover in fabric with flame retardant treatment
  • WH02 DACAiR welding helmet with face seal and air duct
  • Auto Darkening Filter V969D Plus +
  • Airflow meter
  • Carrying / storage bag

Ventilation unit

Composed of a compact and lightweight motor fan (920 g) with a replaceable P R SL filter for particles and aerosols and a pre-filter, which is powered by a replaceable and rechargeable Li-Ion battery, the DACAiR unit allows a selection between two air flows: 180 or 220 l / m, always constant under electronic control.

With great autonomy of use (up to more than 8 hours), as well as visual and acoustic alarm in case of discharged battery or saturated filter for greater safety, the DACAiR equipment is managed with an easy and intuitive monitored control panel, for greater efficiency. Its blower unit filters and directs the air, generating a positive overpressure inside the head unit, to supply breathable quality air and prevent the entry of toxic fumes into the bucco-nasal area, also producing a pleasant sensation of freshness.

It should also be noted that, thanks to their reduced dimensions, the DACAiR equipment can be used with total ease in limited spaces, with maximum wearing comfort thanks to its belt with an easily adjustable padded back.

Head unit

The field of view of the WH-02 DACAiR welding helmet will amaze you. With an extra-large viewing area (98 x 87 mm) and great clarity, the user will enjoy optimal comfort throughout the working day. Its double range of dark tones will allow you to use it for all types of welding, plasma cutting or micro-plasma.

The WH-02 DACAiR helmet, painted in gloss black, is equipped with an adjustable face seal in fabric with fire retardant treatment as well as an air duct that carries the clean air that comes from the blower unit to the front of the mask. Thanks to the built-in deflector, the air provides a pleasant sensation of freshness without disturbing your vision.

Equipped with a headgear with D.R.M. (Mass Distribution Device), the WH-02 DACAiR mask is very comfortable to wear during long periods of work.


Features of the DACAiR PAPR:

  • Replaceable filter P R SL
  • The complete unit (filter included) weights only 920 g
  • Double air Flow: 180 or 220 litres / min
  • Battery: Li-ion 7.4 V / 5200 mAh
  • Running time with fully charged battery: At 180 l / min > 8 hours, at 220 l / min > 5 hours. Running time can be be reduced if the filters are clogged or if the battery is not fully charged.
  • Charging cycles: >350
  • Fast charging time:  < 4 hours
  • Assigned Protection Factor: 500 (TH3) – 50 (TH2)
  • Noise level: Max. 69 to 74 dB(A) depending on head unit
  • Certificate: CE EN 12941 class TH2 or TH3 (depending on head unit).
  • Warranty: Battery: 6 months / PAPR: 1 year

Features Grand V969D Plus +:

  • Dimensions (mm): 133x114x10
  • Viewing area (mm): 98 x 87
  • LCD type – colour: True color yellowish Clear shade 3 with extra blue light filter
  • Optical class EN379: 1/1/1/1
  • Arc sensors: 5
  • Dark shade regulation: 4-8/9-14 with digital internal regulation
  • Automatic Dark Shade selection mode: Yes, with +/- 2 shades self adjustment
  • Memory function: Yes, up to 10 memory options
  • Grinding mode: With external easy press button
  • Sensitivity: 8 positions with digital internal regulation and auto mode
  • Reaction time (ms): 0,04
  • Dark to clear time: From 0.04 (special welding point (TAK)) up to 2 s manually adjustable and automatic
    adjustment function automatic
  • Gradiant function: Yes
  • Energy supply: Solar + 2 Replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
  • Warranty 2 years warranty from date of purchase.
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