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DC-3 330 welding helmet gold

The DC-3 330 Gold welding helmet is equipped with a flip-up window for alternating grinding and welding. In addition to offering great versatility of use, it will offer you maximum protection without sacrificing comfort. Its internal panoramic visor for grinding work will allow you to work safely with a maximum field of vision. The harness with DRM (Mass Distribution Device), the mechanical assistance of raising and lowering the welding window with shock absorber for one-handed operation make the DC-3 Multifunction welding helmet a unique helmet in its class.

The DC-3 330 Gold features a 90 x 110 mm welding glass with an external gold film to repel radiant heat, which minimises heat stress to the operator. In addition, its edges are polished to prevent accidental cuts during handling.

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Welding helmet DC-3 330 Gold

  • DC-3 multifunction welding helmet with flip-up front and panoramic grinding visor
  • Headgear with MRD for greater wearing confort
  • With passive mineral welding glass 90 x 110 mm
  • Heat reflective gold for use in high amperage locations
  • Grinded edges to avoid any possible accidental cut
  • CE EN175 and EN166
Passive filter shade

DIN 11, DIN 12

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