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DC-3 complete headgear with MDD and PDD

The new DACAR headgear has been designed to provide you with maximum comfort during your welding work.

This headgear is equipped with a padded Pressure Distribution Device (PDD) at the nape of the neck, which optimally distributes the pressure. Manufactured with a bi-component injection technique, all parts that come into contact with your head are made of ultra-flexible TPE for maximum comfort while the central parts are made of stiffer materials to ensure an optimal hold of the welding helmet regardless of the welding position.

In combination with the Mass Distribution Device (MDD), this headgear ensures an even distribution of the welding helmet weight on your head closer to your centre of gravity, which results in a lighter weight feeling and avoids annoying strains on the back of your neck.

The combination of PDD and MDD ensures exceptional adaptability to all head shapes and sizes.

It has a padded sweatband with velcro closure for a perfect fit in the front, 2 self sticking side comfort pads and a padded back pad to enhance comfort during long hours of use.

The DACAR headgear is easy to adjust thanks to its self-locking wheel closure. Now you can quickly adjust and secure your headgear without hassle.

Say goodbye to annoying pressure on the forehead and back of the neck and enjoy a firm and comfortable fit!

Dacar products can be purchased either online or through our network of distributors. Ask us for information about your nearest distributor.


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Features DC-3 complete headgear with MDD and PDD

  • In flexible and strong recycled HDPE
  • Padded sweatband with velcro closure
  • Bolts, nuts
  • Double injection Pressure Distribution Device (PDD) with very flexible and soft parts in contact with the head.
  • Mass Distribution Device (MDD) ensures even weight distribution of the welding helmet on your head
  • With easy adjustment by ratchet wheel with auto lock.
  • Two self-adhesive side comfort pads
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