DC-3 multifunction welding helmet

DC-3 multifunction welding helmet

Equipped with a flip-up welding front to alternate grinding and welding tasks, the DC-3 Multifunction helmet, in addition to offering you great versatility of uses, will offer you maximum protection without sacrificing comfort. Its headgear with MDD (Mass Distribution Device), the mechanical assistance of raising and lowering the welding window with shock absorber for one-hand operation make the DC-3 Multifunction welding helmet a unique helmet in its class.

The DC-3 multifunction welding helmet is available with a wide range of auto darkening filters and passive filters.


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DC-3 multifunction welding helmet

  • With flip-up welding front to alternate grinding and welding tasks
  • 278 x 116 mm panoramic inner visor for grinding work
  • Headgear with MDD (Mass Distribution Device)
  • Wide range of electronic filters available with or without external control knobs
  • Assisted raising and lowering function of the flip-up front
  • Flip-up front closing damping function to avoid annoying shocks (minimization of noise and vibration)
  • The welding window can be raised and lowered with one hand without the need to hold the lower part
  • The lower part can be raised too
  • Reduced weight: 570 gr. (electronic filter not included)

Technical features auto darkening filters


  • Large viewing area 100 x 53 mm
  • 4 independent arc sensors
  • Clear shade with grey ultra-clear True Color LCD technology
  • Variable dark shades with external potentiometer and internal range selector : DIN 5 – 8 and DIN 9 – 13
  • Switching speed: 0.04 ms
  • Adjustable dark to clear time with internal potentiometer from 0.1 to 1 second
  • Internal adjustment of arc sensitivity
  • Optical quality CE EN379 1/1/1/2
  • With replaceable CR2032 battery combined with solar cells for a longer life time
  • 2 years warranty
  • Suitable for MIG-MAG, TIG, electrode, pulsed arc, plasma, micro-plasma, gas welding, cutting and grinding


  • Large field of view
  • Ultra-clear gray clear shade with latest generation True Color LCD
  • Variable dark shade with internal knob and internal selector in the range DIN 5-8 or 9-13
  • Internal regulation of the delay time from 0.1 to 1 sec.
  • Internal sensitivity regulations
  • Grinding function with internal switch
  • Solar power + 1 replaceable CR2032 battery
  • 4 arc-sensors
  • Optical quality 1/1/1/2
  • Viewing area 100 x 53 mm
  • Darkening time: 0.04 ms
  • 2 years warranty


  • Clear shade DIN 3,5 with gray True Color LCD
  • Variable dark shade from 9 to 13 with internal command
  • Delay regulaton from 0,1 to 1 sec. and sensitivity regulation with inner commands
  • Optical quality 1/1/1/2
  • Solar + non replaceable lithium battery powered
  • 2 arc sensors
  • Switching time: 0,1 ms.
  • Viewing area 41 x 100 mm.
  • 2 years warranty


  • Clear shade DIN 2,5 with gray True Color LCD
  • Fixed dark shade 11
  • With 2 internal switches for High or Low Sensitivity regulation and Long or Short Delay time
  • Optical quality 1/1/1/2 CE EN175
  • Solar + non replaceable lithium battery powered
  • 2 arc sensors
  • Switching time: 0,3 ms.
  • Viewing area: 91 x 39 mm.
  • 2 years warranty
Auto Darkening Filters


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