DC-Guard Electro face shield

Face shield with transparent polycarbonate visor for clear and undistorted vision.  The wide contour of the visor effectively protects the operator’s head and face.

Made and designed in Spain.

The transparent polycarbonate visor for electrical hazards protects against impacts and, thanks to its thickness of 1.5 mm, is indicated to protect the user against the electric short-circuit arc (up to 1000V).

Its exclusive indirect ventilation allows to minimize fogging problems and reduces the concentration of CO2 for less fatigue during the working day, in addition to providing a sensation of freshness to the user.

Easy to mount, the DC-GUARD face shield will allow you to change the visor without releasing the headgear.

The DC-Guard complies with regulation 425/2016 and therefore is CE marked. It is certified according to EN 166: 2001 / 1 B 8 9

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Complete equipment includes:

  • Made and designed in Spain
  • Browguard
  • Special Polycarbonate visor for electrical risks
  • Headgear with self-locking ratchet adjustment wheel and two comfort side pads
  • Ultra-absorbing cotton sweatband for maximum comfort
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