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Did you know? New AUTO functions

Did you know? New functions for greater comfort and higher performance of the welder

The new DC-4 V969D Plus+ welding helmet incorporates new AUTO functions for greater ease of use without sacrificing maximum eye comfort.

filtro electrónico con 5 sensores

Thanks to a new fifth sensor on the front of the electronic filter, sensitivity, dark shade and delay time can be adjusted so that the ADF can choose them automatically:

– Auto sensitivity: the filter is capable of determining the light and welding conditions of its environment in order to maintain the dark shade regardless of the type of welding (including TIG at very low amperage thanks to the SUPER mode) and in any environmental light condition.

– Auto dark shade: Depending on the welding intensity, the filter will adopt the appropriate dark shade for each type of welding and each intensity. But knowing that each user can have a different sensitivity to light, you will be able to make a fine adjustment of the shade, regulating up to +/- 2 tones according to your personal needs.

– Auto Delay time: Combined with the Gradient function, the electronic filter will decide the time required after the end of the welding arc before returning to the clear state to guarantee maximum eye comfort without sudden changes in light.

With the new AUTO functions, you can enjoy your welding and forget about complicated adjustments!

These new features are available on the DC-4 V969D Plus+, X3-MAX, and F1 MAX welding helmets.

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