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Did you know? New function TACK

New functions for greater comfort and higher performance of the welder

The new DC-4 V969D Plus+ incorporate a new function called TACK for those who make very short weld seams or simply spot welds.

Tack mode

For weld beads with a duration of less than 2 seconds, you can select -in Delay mode- the “Tack” function that will allow the electronic filter to clear up in just 0.04 seconds. Thus, the welder will have an immediate view of the welded part after making the point (or small bead) of welding. But the most important thing is that, in addition, the electronic filter will automatically regulate the light shade to a shade 5 to avoid a sharp contrast of light with the dark shade of the filter during the welding point and the light shade between two welding intervals. In the event that the interval is greater than 2 seconds, the filter will automatically turn back to the clear shade 3.

With this new function, you will not only see what you are doing at all times, but you will also do it with optimum eye comfort that can prevent visual disturbances or headaches caused by excessively demanding optical work.

That new feature is available on the DC-4 V969D Plus+, X3 MAX and F1 MAX welding helmets. 

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