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Did you know? New Gradient function

New functions for greater comfort and higher performance of the welder

The new DC-4 V969D Plus+ welding helmet incorporates a new function called “Gradient” for greater eye comfort.

During welding processes on thick materials, where a higher welding intensity is required, a molten pool is formed that maintains its strong luminosity until several seconds after finishing the welding.

The consequences of constant strong changes in light intensity on the eye are usually ocular stress and heating of the optic nerve, which translates into headaches in the front part as well as irritated or dry eyes.

For this reason, when traditionally the time for ADF to return to the clear shade used to be adjustable from 0.1 to 1 second, in the case of the new DC-4 V969D Plus+, the “Delay” (time it takes for the electronic filter to return to light shade) has been extended to 2 seconds (adjustable from 0.04 seconds for spot welding operations in “Tack” mode).

But, in addition, the “Gradient” function has been added to allow a progressive opening of the ADF. Without this function, the LCD will return to its light state at the selected time, going from dark to light instantly. With the “Gradient” function, this return to the light tone will be done from the selected moment (from 0.1 to 2 seconds) and progressively to allow a smooth transition from the dark state of the ADF to the clear state.

With the new DC-4 V969D Plus+, even if you weld with high amperages, your eyes are protected… and taken care of!

That new feature is available on the DC-4 V969D Plus+, X3-MAX, and F1 MAX welding helmets.

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